Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


Fulfilling potential

At Lomond School we believe passionately that education should be about supporting our pupils to develop and grow, both academically and personally as rounded individuals with strong values who are ultimately prepared to embark confidently and successfully on their life beyond Lomond School. We uphold this commitment with six Guiding Principles, which are delivered throughout our curriculum and co-curriculum.

Lomond has a wide awareness of the importance of international links, maintaining a diverse community with active school partnerships abroad in South Africa, Germany, the United States and China. 

Good manners, a hard-working approach to life and a strong community feel are all values that are closely held at Lomond. We are an all through school with pupils from 3 to 18 years of age; the school adopts a close awareness of the individual and his or her strengths. 

The wider family plays a strong part in school life and we are very keen on the role parents can play in the school. Both boarding and day pupils have close integration, and Lomond enjoys its position as the only boarding school on the west coast of Scotland. 

Our pupils go on to add great value in their time at school and gain the places of their choice at university. We welcome visits to the school and are always happy to offer a sample of school life to new pupils.

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