Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



Lomond has a long tradition of planning and taking well organised and imaginative Expeditions to various parts of Scotland, Europe and the rest of the World to expand the horizons of our pupils. These trips are reviewed on an annual basis and parents are given as much advance notification as possible to aid good forward planning. Recent Expeditions have been taken to Tanzania and Morocco for outdoor adventure and trekking, to Norway and Sweden for canoeing and to the North and West of Scotland in walking and canoeing trips. These experiences form memorable and definitive experiences that help shape pupils and boost their confidence levels. We encourage all our S5 pupils to experience an Outward Bound expedition as part of their leadership course after their examinations. Each year group has a progressive set of experiences designed to help pupils grow in confidence and awareness. Wherever possible pupils are encouraged to lead and plan significant elements of these trips within a safe and well managed framework.