Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


A varied curriculum

At Lomond we provide learning experiences in all eight curricular areas that meet the experiences and outcomes in early, first, second and in some instances third level of A Curriculum for Excellence. While the children have a broad and varied curriculum we also maintain a firm focus on establishing, consolidating and challenging the children’s learning in Language and Mathematics as we know that this builds a strong foundation for later learning.

Music and Physical Education is delivered by specialist teachers from J1 to T2 (P7). We teach French from J5 and in T1 (P6) and T2 (P7) this is delivered by French teachers from our secondary department. ICT is fully integrated into all aspects of the curriculum.

We value the principles and capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence and these are easily identifiable in our practice as we plan and implement exciting, relevant and often interdisciplinary learning experiences for the children.

Our class teachers are supported very well in the delivery of our curriculum by our Support for Learning teachers, Mrs Bell and Mrs Greaves. Having the expertise of these teachers readily available ensures that as soon as any difficulties are identified by the class teacher they can be immediately acted upon to eliminate any disadvantage they may be causing to a pupil’s progress. This is useful both where children require reinforcement and extension. Our class and support for learning teachers work closely together to plan for the needs of the children they are working with and in our experience we are very quickly able to maximise the children’s learning potential.