Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


A seamless transition from Junior to Senior School

Lomond children spend the final two years of their primary education in ‘Transitus’. This is our way of ensuring a smooth transition into the secondary system and is possible at Lomond because we are a 3 years to 18 years school. Transitions between key points in children’s education are vital and when effective are proven to breed success in both the short and long term. Throughout their transition period Mrs Hart continues to oversee the children's progress.

In Transitus 1(Primary 6) the major change is physical as the children are taught for almost all of their time by a single class teacher but are in modern purpose built classrooms in the St Bride's building. Therefore they have the opportunity to become familiar with the new environment while the style of teaching remains comfortingly familiar.

Transitus 2 (Primary 7) provides the children with the opportunity to experience the style of learning they will move to in secondary school. Of course by this time they are familiar with the building and the people who use it but they now move more often between different specialist teachers for their extended curriculum lessons. They continue to be taught the core subjects of Mathematics and English Language by a primary trained teacher.

It has been our experience that the stepping stone of Transitus has made for a much smoother transition to secondary for those children coming from Lomond Junior School.