Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


Curriculum & Exams

At Lomond, we follow the guidelines laid down by the national authorities, but adapt them to meet our particular circumstances and requirements.

In S1 and S2, pupils receive a broad general education based on the Experiences and Outcomes of A Curriculum for Excellence. Subjects covered include English, Mathematics, French, Science (in S2, the three separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics), History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, Drama and Health Education. In S2, pupils pick up German as a second Modern Foreign Language.

In S3 and S4, pupils follow a two-year course which leads to national examinations at National 5 in up to 8 subjects.  English, Mathematics and French are compulsory subjects, and pupils choose 5 options from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Computing, Graphic Communication, German, Art and Design, Business Management and Music. Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education, Health Education and Citizenship are offered as non-examinable courses.

In S5, pupils choose five courses, leading to Scottish Highers.  In addition to the subjects available in S3 and S4, Modern Studies, Economics and Physical Education are available as Highers.  Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education, and an SQA certificate in Information Technology (PC Passport) are offered as non-examinable courses.

In S6, pupils have an individualised timetable, which will normally include a mixture of Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers. National 5 Spanish is also offered as a crash course.