Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



Drama is the study of an art form; of the people around us; of relationships and the human condition. Pupils at Lomond School take part in Drama classes from Junior 1 through to S6. In the Junior School, the children develop skills in communication, co-operation and creativity in weekly Drama lessons. As the students progress into Transitus and Senior School, the focus in lessons extends to more specific Drama skills as well as maintaining the core values that help students to become well-rounded and confident individuals.

The Drama Studio at Lomond School is a brand new, state of the art theatre space that offers students the chance to learn about the technical aspects of theatre as well as performance skills. Drama is offered at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

The National 4 and National 5 Drama courses are designed as a practical and experiential introduction to Drama Skills and Production Skills. Pupils will be continually assessed on the following areas:

For the final exam, students will choose one area to be assessed on practically (acting, lighting, costume, make-up, props) and complete a written paper.

If students choose to progress on to Higher and Advanced Higher levels, they will develop these acting and production skills even further. At these levels, the courses become more individualised – students specialise in Acting, Directing or Design.

At Higher we also introduce the Performance Analysis module and the Textual Analysis module. Both of these are assessed in a final written paper in May.

Higher and Advanced Higher Drama students have the opportunity to see plenty of live theatre, as well as to study a play from three perspectives (Actor, Director and Designer). The course aims to inspire, challenge and educate the students whilst also nurturing their creative independence and appreciation for performance art.