Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



The department’s philosophy is to ensure that each pupil on leaving Lomond is numerate, has sufficient skills for the career of his choice and will understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life.  In addition, it is hoped that senior pupils will acquire the logical abilities characteristic of a mathematician and develop interests outwith the normal course contents. We aim to provide courses at the appropriate level for each pupil in which they will achieve some success in the subject and hopefully leave without a fear of mathematics.

We endeavour to emphasise that the journey, not the destination, is as important as the goal and to leave the misconception of a unique correct solution or method behind – an outcome that means mathematics is achievable by all.  In other words, we try to instil in each pupil a variety of methods should be adopted to find a solution – this is directly related to problems encountered in life.

Maths classes are set according to ability, and each year group will follow a similar course structure.  There is a strong emphasis on problem-solving and investigations; pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential, think for themselves and develop the skills required for life outside school.  A large number of pupils are entered for the national mathematics competitions run by the UK Mathematics Trust at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels gaining gold, silver and bronze certificates.

Mathematics is a necessary qualification for any pupil wanting to work in careers such as engineering, computing and all the sciences. Biological sciences and medical sciences have to rely more on mathematical ideas than ever before.  Mathematics is also a frequent requirement in the banking sector as well as accountancy, insurance and management.