Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in S1-S6 is managed by the Pastoral Depute, Mr Alister Minnis. The work is led at different stages by Heads of Year with responsibility for S1 and S2 (Mrs Sarah Guy), S3 and S4 (Mr Craig Dunlop) and S5 and S6 (Mr David Dodson).

Heads of Year work closely with form tutors to monitor the personal, social and academic welfare of pupils. Form tutors see their form class on a daily basis and are the first point of contact for any concerns. Two staff mentors (Mrs Emily Bruce and Mr Hamish Hunter) offer one-on-one pastoral support both on an appointment and 'drop-in' basis and provide support in the form of target-setting for pupils who require additional help in organising their study. All secondary pupils are interviewed by their form teachers annually and pupils receive a form tutor's report. 

Additional support is provided by the School Nurse, Mrs Lesley Serpell. S6 pupils also run a Peer Support Scheme. These pupils, who have been trained by Childline, offer an alternative route to support for youngsters in the secondary school.