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Molecular gastronomy comes to the classroom
Molecular gastronomy comes to the classroom

Most often associated with renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, last Friday, Higher Health and Food Technology pupils at Lomond School were able to experience molecular gastronomy first hand with a course run by Scott Bradley. They were also joined by their peers from the High School of Glasgow.

A practical course where pupils had the opportunity to use the techniques showcased themselves, the day saw them investigating the physical and chemical properties of food and using ingredients not often found in the kitchen store cupboard, natural gums and dry ice, to make a variety of dishes.  Pupils also undertook a variety of sensory tests including having the chance to sample some sustainable protein foods such as buffalo worms and crickets. 

Nicola Harwood, HFT teacher at Lomond said “This was a great opportunity to showcase to our pupils that food and food preparation can be about so much more than the ingredients and the way we cook them. There really is a science and a technology behind food and it is fascinating to see this brought to life through workshops like this.”

The following day, Lomond School opened their doors to 23 HFT teachers from across Scotland to allow them to experience similar delights, with the hope that they will employ these techniques with their own classes.

Scott Bradley was an award winning chef for 13 years before re training as a teacher. He is currently head of department at Shotton Academy in Sunderland. He runs the highly successful food teaching for all support group and is a consultant for the Design and Technology Association and STEM.

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