Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



Can I visit?
Yes. You will be made welcome at any time, although it is best to ‘see us in action’ during the school day and in term-time. Just ring or e-mail to make an appointment and you will be shown the school and your particular requirements discussed. There is also an open evening in November and open mornings in the Spring and Summer terms.

C an pupils join in mid-term?
Yes, but the norm is an August start and demand for places is such that, where possible, it is best to apply as early as possible. That is particularly the case for major entry points – Junior One, Transitus and Senior 1.

Is there an entry test?
Pupils up to Transitus 2 (11 years old) are placed for a morning and informally assessed. Entrants to the rest of the school will normally sit papers in English and Mathematics. Copies of past reports and information from the previous school are also given consideration.

What does it cost and are there extras?
The fee schedule is enclosed in the back of this prospectus. Fees are inclusive of books, tuition and stationery, but do not cover fees charged for public examinations. Extra charges are also incurred for individual tuition and for voluntary trips, but as far as possible fees are intended to be all-inclusive. Fees may be paid by monthly standing order.

Is there assistance with fees?
It is the intention of the school to enable Lomond to be accessible to prospective pupils irrespective of means. To that end the school operates a means tested financial assistance scheme which, depending on income, can provide a range of support up to full funding. Such support is subject to the availability of places and achieving an acceptable academic standard.