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Assistance for Families

Discounts for three or more children

When three or more members of one family are pupils at the school, the two eldest will be charged full fees and the remaining pupils in the family may be eligible for a means-tested discount of up to 50% of the tuition fee.  If a pupil is already receiving a reduction in fees, the total of the discounts for that individual will be limited to no more than 50%.  As a general rule, no discounts are applied to boarding fees or extras.  Please call Ms Sheehan, Bursar, on 01436 672476 for more details. 


Lomond School Financial Assistance Programme

Bursary Application deadline- Friday 20 January 2017.

It is the intention of the school that an education at Lomond is accessible to prospective pupils, irrespective of means.  To that end, the school operates a means-tested financial assistance scheme which, depending upon income, can provide support up to full funding.  Such support is subject to the availability of places and achieving an acceptable academic standard.   The demand for support can be extremely high and it may not be possible to make awards to every applicant.  
The process for reviewing bursary applications is designed to be consistent, fair and straightforward.  Key to the review is the establishment of net resources.  This can be defined as total income from all sources (including investment income), less outgoings.   Outgoings include a per capita allowance for children within the family, mortgage interest, tax and national insurance.  It would be normal to request copies of supporting documentation such as a P60, recent payslips, mortgage statements and tax assessments.  The review would normally cover adult occupants who contribute to the running of the family residence and also all individuals who have responsibility for contributing to the financial support of the pupil receiving a bursary.  Once net resources have been established and calculated, reference is made to a sliding scale of assistance.  This enables the potential level of bursary assistance to be determined.  The scale of support available can be up to 100% of school fees.  Capital assets such as stocks, shares and property do not form part of the calculation but it is likely that the possession of significant assets would preclude the awarding of a bursary.

The established chain of events for seeking financial support is as follows:

All personal data will be securely stored and details will NOT be disclosed to any other party.  The information is used solely by Lomond School for the purposes of determining bursary awards.

The award of bursaries will be dependent upon places being available within each year group and on occasion this could result in a delay in the award of bursary places.  Any families affected by a situation such as this will be informed.

For the 201/18 intake, prospective pupils from Transitus 1 (Primary 6) up to Senior 6 will be considered for bursary awards.  The school will be unable to make awards to other year groups.     

If a child is admitted to Lomond School, he or she will be afforded the same opportunities as any other pupil.  The school will only disclose the fact that individual children have been awarded bursaries if a legal obligation exists.  If you have any questions related to the Lomond School Financial Assistance Programme, please contact me by telephone or email.

It would not be expected that bursary recipients participate in overseas school trips, as the cost of such trips is high and inconsistent with receiving means-tested financial assistance, and may result in the reduction or withdrawal of bursary support.  If in doubt, the Bursar should be consulted before any application to take part in an overseas trip is made.

Ms Anne Sheehan