Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School


Senior School

The secondary curriculum is an academic one providing breadth and progression, leading towards national examinations at the end of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth years. A wide range of subjects is available in Senior 1 and 2. The compulsory core in Senior 3 consists of English, Mathematics and French together with some non-examinable elements such as Health Education, Religious and Moral Education, Citizenship, and Physical Education. At this stage, a selection of eight subjects is the norm.

Five SQA Highers are offered in Senior 5; a mixture of Advanced Highers and Highers is provided in Senior 6 We aim to prepare our pupils thoroughly for entry into the next stage of their education and the vast majority of leavers are placed securely on the university or college course that will best assist them to access the career of their choice. We offer personalised teaching and individual pastoral guidance to assist all our pupils in making maximum progress. Our university and college advice is strongly tailored to the individual, which results in a very high placement rate at Higher Education institutions. The Careers Department and guidance of the form teachers under the Heads of Year and the Pastoral Depute are both key in ensuring the welfare and onward progression of our pupils. The Sixth Form programme in both Senior 5 and Senior 6 leads to the maximum extension of our older pupils who have many opportunities for development and responsibility.