Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



In the Computing Department, pupils become aware of the incredible diversity of computing and the range of opportunities available to them in the future using technology.  Through the use of high specification hardware and up-to-date industry standard software, we teach pupils how to use a wide range of real-life computing applications.  With emphasis on problem-solving, pupils are taught to apply hardware and software to a range of scenarios.

From Transitus 2 through Senior 2, pupils learn to use many types of software including spreadsheets, databases, web page design and multimedia authoring.  They are also taught how to programme simple games using the 'Scratch' programming environment.  Working individually or in groups, they are given real-life scenarios in which they have to create solutions to problems using the skills they have learned.  They will learn about current developments in technology and be aware of the social effects; applications of up-to-date devices for input, output, processing and storage of data; and they will learn about digital storage techniques on electronic, magnetic, and optical devices.  PC Passport is completed by all pupils in the Senior School.

Intermediate 2 Computing and Higher Computing both include Software Development, where pupils solve a range of problems by analysis and design and then implement the solution using a programming language such as Visual Basic.  Pupils will also extend their knowledge of Computer Systems – hardware, computer structure and data representation.  Three further topics in the Intermediate 2 and Higher courses are Computer Networking, Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Technology.