Boarding School, Scotland - Lomond School



Traditionally, Geography has focussed on place, essentially the world around us.  The subject has evolved in recent years to be far more conceptual with patterns and processes in the social and economic spheres sitting readily with the more scientific patterns and processes of the physical world.  Indeed, as the world around us changes, so the material presented has to be continually updated to remain contemporary with world events.

The development of visual skills is to the fore and the interpretation of maps, graphs, tabulated data and photographic images provides the basis for analysis. Geography is, therefore, a synthesis of literary, numerical and visual skills.

Geography at Lomond is taught from Transitus to S6 by specialist teachers.  It is the intention from the start to set high standards of expectation, leading to high standards of achievement.  To this end the courses from Transitus to S2 contain the fundamental language and concepts that pupils will encounter in the certificate courses from S3 - S6 (Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher).

Lomond is located on the edge of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in the glaciated landscape of the west of Scotland.  A significant part of our course material, therefore, is on our doorstep.  In S3 a residential field trip to Yorkshire is run each session in order to familiarise pupils with a landscape completely dissimilar to that found locally.  Here pupils are given the opportunity to acquire their own data through measuring and recording, hence developing new skills in the field.  In S6 pupils also attend a residential field course at Kindrogan, Perthshire as part of their preparation for the Advanced Higher Coursework.