Top Marks for Inaugural IB Class at Lomond School

Lomond School is thrilled to announce that the entire first pioneering cohort of International Baccalaureate pupils have gained their qualification and achieved an average score significantly higher than the global average.

The International Baccalaureate (IB), a globally-recognised education programme was introduced by Lomond School in 2021. Pupils who wished to study the IB had the choice of either the IB Diploma or IB Career-related pathway, both two year programmes with a strong focus on academics and personal growth. In this first cohort, 15 pupils – the majority of which are from the Helensburgh area –  took up the challenge and have had their efforts rewarded with a simply stunning set of results, comprising:

  • A perfect 100% pass rate; far exceeding the UK pass rate of 94.7%
  • Pupils offered places at top universities, including Queen’s University Belfast, University of Salford, University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, University of Stirling, University of Dundee, Queen Mary University of London and University of Aberdeen.
  • A third of all awards were a  6 or 7, the equivalent to A* and A.
  •  An average IB points score of 34; significantly higher than the global average of 30 points.
  •  A 100% pass rate for the HNC (Higher National Certificate) in Business, usually completed in the first year of college or university, for those who took this as part of the IB Career-related pathway.
  • Two pupils scored 42 points, which places them amongst the top academics around the world.

Johanna Urquhart, Lomond School Principal said: “I have great admiration for each and every one of these young people. They were tasked with beginning this unknown journey during a global pandemic – a daunting prospect. They have faced and embraced each challenge thrown at them. The IB has demanding classes, high expectations, a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, community service and rigorous exams. Each pupil has exceeded all expectations and I could not be prouder as a Principal. I offer them my congratulations and I am delighted that their hard work has led to a 100% pass rate. They will be an asset to the top universities who have offered them places.”

“These results, which match many of the top schools around the world, are fantastic. However, each pupil who passed has his or her own story which is more gratifying.  From those now going off to study medicine, to those who contemplated leaving school at the end of S4 and now headed off to university. Each young person deserves the utmost praise and congratulations.”

“The success of the pupils is down to them but the individualised support they have had from our teaching staff and the pupils’ parents was crucial. Becoming an IB certified school is a long, rigorous process and requires all teachers to undertake over 100 hours of professional development each to teach the IB Programme. Their dedication and commitment is key to the success of our pupils. I would also like to thank each family who trusted us as we began this journey many years ago. I hope their trust has been repaid with these wonderful results. I am sure you are as proud of your children as we all are at Lomond School.”

“We now look forward to our SQA results in August and can reassure all Lomond pupils who have just started the IB programme, with great confidence, that hard work pays off”.