Schedule of Tuition and Boarding Fees
Session 2022 – 2023



Year Group

Tuition Fees              

Capital Levy                

12 Monthly
Direct D

10 Monthly
Direct Debits 

Junior 1 to 2  £9,800  £210  £834.16  £1,001
Junior 3 to 5  £11,700  £210  £992.50  £1,191
 Transitus 1 (P6)  £12,750  £210  £1,080 £1,296
Transitus 2 (P7)  £13,550  £210  £1,146.66  £1,376
Senior School  £13,950  £210  £1,180  £1,416



Tuition and Boarding Fees

Capital Levy


12 Monthly
Direct Debits


10 Monthly Direct Debits

Instalments Paid Termly 

Full Boarding







Weekly Boarding







Occasional Boarding

£65.00 per night


The fees are inclusive of textbooks, stationery and materials but do not include external examination fees.

Note that J1 to T2 pupils can attend school from 8am to 5.30pm with no additional charge.

Extra Subjects
English as a second language can be arranged at the below costs:
• Individual tuition £50 per lesson
• Group tuition £30 per lesson

When three or more members of one family are pupils at the School the two eldest will be charged full fees and the remaining pupils in the family may be eligible for a discount of up to 50% of the tuition fee. If a pupil is already receiving a reduction in fees, the total of the discounts for that individual will be limited to no more than 50%. Generally, no discounts are applied to boarding fees or extras.

Further Information
The Director of Finance will be pleased to address any questions relating to fees and other charges via
T: 01436 672 476 or E:
The Board of Governors reserve the right to amend this schedule from time to time.

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There are various funding options available, check if you qualify.

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