Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education and Outdoor Learning are given significant emphasis at Lomond School as we believe they are key to developing a wide range of skills and abilities not readily found in the classroom.

From Forest School in our early years to fieldwork in the Sixth Form, every department and year group across the school makes great use of the outstanding natural environment which surrounds our School. Increasingly, educational research acknowledges the irrefutable correlation between outdoor learning and improved academic performance and at Lomond we believe that this type of learning not only contributes to our pupils’ health and well-being, but equips them with problem solving and leadership skills and a sense of adventure.

Co-ordinated by our dedicated Head of Adventure & Service, outdoor education is carefully integrated into the whole school curriculum and every child at Lomond will experience sailing, canoeing, skiing, orienteering and climbing amongst other challenges within the core curriculum.

“Growing up with the National Park on my doorstep, I have my own personal experience and passion for the outdoors and, throughout my teaching career, I have been privileged to see students grow in confidence and improve their social and personal skills through taking part in outdoor activities which challenge and develop them. I believe passionately in the importance of this aspect of our curriculum.” Principal, Johanna Urquhart

Outdoor learning fosters a unique confidence; a boldness, and a ‘give it a go’ approach to overcome the challenges life inevitably brings – qualities which we all know, in the long-term, prove just as valuable as examination results. Life is, after all, is one big adventure!


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