Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Lomond School is, proportionately, one of the top providers for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Scotland, with the scheme meeting many of the objectives we set out in our Guiding Principles and Values.

Offered at Bronze, Silver and Gold; each level provides a marvellous opportunity for young people to gain skills for work and life and to improve their physical fitness and take on new challenges. Pupils also volunteer their time to support the community and test their determination and resilience on overnight expeditions by foot, canoe or bike.

Pupils are taught survival skills; responsible behaviour in the natural environment and navigation and route planning, as well as logistical and organisational skills. Our young people dedicate many hours in voluntary work – each of our Dof E groups will have given over 2,950 hours of their time to complete voluntary activities, with many going far over and above the minimum requirement.

“I cannot find the words to describe to you how uniquely special it is to have the privilege to accompany your child to the Gold Award Presentation for their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Buckingham Palace. Lomond School made it all possible with four years of encouragement, opportunity and guidance.” Proud Lomond parent on accompanying her son to receive his Gold D of E Award at Buckingham Palace.

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