International Boarders

Our boarding house, Burnbrae, is home to up to 60 boys and girls from both the UK and around the world. We accept children from the age of 9 into boarding and we value the richness and diversity our international boarders bring to our school community.

Although the majority of pupils come from Scotland and the rest of the UK, there is a strong international element with pupils from Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Brazil, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and France resident in the last few years.

As well as full-time boarders, we also welcome a number of boarders each year who come to experience language or immersion programmes for one term or one year. We are very happy to work with families to provide an option which best suits their circumstances.

Our Registrar and Pastoral Team work closely together to ensure that the admissions experience for overseas pupils is a positive one. Initial meetings and enquiries can be carried out via Zoom as well as by email and phone. Once a pupil has accepted an offer, support is provided throughout the process from visa application (if required) to flight arrivals, home stays for short holiday weekends and ongoing liaison with home.

Living and learning in a completely different country (often with major cultural differences to cope with as well) can be a daunting experience but we find that our international pupils settle quickly into their new life.  They are helped by the friendliness of the community as a whole and their boarding house family at Burnbrae. For those who need to improve their English, the support of our excellent English as an Additional Language Department (EAL) whose input goes well beyond the mere teaching of English is invaluable.

If you are interested in boarding at Lomond School, please contact our Registrar, Mr Jonathan Hewat, via the form at the bottom of the page or direct on Both Mr Hewat and our wider Pastoral Team are very experienced in supporting international families and will be happy to provide information tailored to your requirements. 

EAL Assessment and Support

Before a child joins us, it is important to establish their level of English so that we can provide support to access the curriculum if needed.  

New international pupils will sit an Oxford Online English Assessment. Our Admissions Manager will arrange this test and provide login details to the prospective pupil. The results from this test, alongside an initial interview and English essay, allow us to identify if there are gaps in learning and ensure that our EAL department can help.

Those who require additional support will typically receive 2 to 3 lessons a week from a teacher with specific training in teaching English as an additional language. These lessons may either be 1:1 or in small groups.

Of course an important feature of studying in a UK boarding school is immersing yourself in the English language and our international pupils are encouraged and supported, both in class and in the boarding house, to practice their language skills. We find that our pupils develop both in their confidence and communication skills even after only a few weeks with us. 

Securing a visa

Currently, pupils outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland who are looking to study in the United Kingdom must be sponsored by a learning establishment which holds a license to sponsor the individual under the UK Border Agency’s points-based system. Following 31 December 2020, it is possible that all pupils from within the EEA will also need sponsorship. Lomond School is a Tier 4 Sponsor.

To qualify as a child student under Tier 4, an individual must score 40 points. Points for initial applications and extensions are awarded as follows:

  • Having a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a licensed sponsor containing an unconditional offer of a place on a course of study at an acceptable level (30 points)
  • Having enough money to cover the course fees and monthly living costs for up to one year (10 points)

In order for Lomond School to provide a CAS, a prospective pupil will need to have had an interview with our Principal, completed all relevant testing and provided us with all the relevant paperwork related to their application. In addition, we require payment of the registration fee and deposit.

If you have accepted a place at Lomond School and live outside the EEA, it is very likely that you will need a travel visa before you are allowed to leave your own country to travel to the UK. Again, post December 31 2020, the same may apply to EEA pupils. The normal procedure for this is as follows:

  1. You will accept your place at Lomond School and pay the required deposit.
  2. Upon completion of all documents required by the School, we will provide an official letter from the School confirming that your son/daughter will be studying here full-time and giving the dates of his/her stay in this country. The CAS number will be included in this letter.
  3. On receipt of this letter, you will then apply for a visa.

Our dedicated member of staff will arrange collection of the Biometric Residency Permits (BRP) in the first two weeks of arrival. 

If the Visa states that your son/daughter must register with the police, they must let us know on arrival at school and we will make the necessary arrangements. The School is unable to give any advice on visa applications.

For further information on studying in the UK please visit the UK Border Agency website at:


Every pupil at Lomond School whose parents are resident overseas must have a UK-based guardian or host family. 

The school cannot and does not recommend or arrange guardianship on behalf of parents.

A list of accredited guardians is published on the AEGIS [Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students] website:

Make an Enquiry

To find out more about boarding at Lomond School or to arrange a visit or virtual meeting, please contact our Registrar who will be happy to help.