Bursaries and Scholarships

At Lomond School, we are committed to broadening access to the school by offering means-tested financial support towards the payment of school fees – known as a Bursary.

Bursaries can cover up to 100% of fees payable, depending on the financial situation of applicants.

Bursaries at Lomond are not connected to Scholarships, which are awarded based on a child demonstrating excellence in a particular area. You can read more about our Scholarships Programme here.

How is a Bursary awarded?

In order to ensure that we give bursaries to those families who need it most, awards are made on the basis of affordability, a process known as ‘means-testing’.

A thorough review of the family’s financial circumstances will take place including:

  • Savings, investments and realisable assets
  • Income
  • Size of their family and number of dependents

A Bursary will normally continue throughout a child’s time at the School but the continuation of the Bursary is dependent on satisfactory standards of academic achievement, behaviour and continuing financial need.  Bursaries are reviewed on an annual basis. 

Bursaries are available to parents of children entering Transitus 1 (P6) onwards.

Application process

The bursary and admissions process run parallel to each other and as with all our prospective families, we would encourage you as a first step to arrange to visit the school in person.

If you decide to proceed with an application, as well as following the main admissions application process, you will also need to complete a confidential declaration of financial circumstances.

Decisions regarding the appropriate level of any Bursary award is made by the Bursary Award Committee (generally made up of the Bursar, Principal and representative of the Board of Governors).  Bursary applicants are notified only when a formal offer of a place is made (usually at the end of February preceding the year of entry).  No distinction between the holders of bursary awards and full fee-paying pupils is made and all applications are treated confidentially.

Confidential enquiries can be made via the Admissions Manager on 01436 672 476 or by emailing admissions@lomondschool.com


Separate to the bursary scheme, when three or more members of one family are pupils at the School the two eldest will be charged full fees and remaining children in the family is eligible for a discount of 50% of the tuition fee. If a pupil is already receiving a reduction in fees, the total of the discounts for that individual will be limited to no more than 50%. No discounts are applied to boarding fees or extras.



Contact our Registrar

Find out more about our scholarships and the application process.