Lomond School IBDP Results 2024

Following the exceptional performance of our inaugural IB class in 2023, we are delighted to share that our 2024 class has not only met but exceeded the high expectations placed upon them. We are delighted to see that the previous records have already been surpassed, showcasing the dedication and effort of our students, their families, our teachers and the boarding house staff over the past two years. Our latest IBDP results once again see Lomond School achieve results higher than national and global averages.

The International Baccalaureate (IB), a globally-recognised education programme is now in its third year at Lomond School. Since 2022, our IBDP students have been preparing for this and have been rewarded with a stunning set of results, including the following highlights.

  • An average IBDP points score of 35; significantly higher than the global average of 30 points, higher than the UK average of 34.56 points and an increase to the 34 average achieved at Lomond School in 2023.
  • Our successful IBDP students have been offered places at top universities, including University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, University of Stirling, University of Dundee and University of Aberdeen. The students will go on to study subjects such as Law, Physics with Astrophysics, Criminology & Politics, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, History of Art/Spanish, Modern Languages & Translation & Interpretation Studies and many others.
  • 51% of all subject exams were either a 6 or 7, the equivalent to A and A*. This is a significant increase from the 33% who achieved the same in 2023.
  • Two pupils scored 42 points, which places them amongst the top academics around the world.

Lomond School Principal Claire Chisholm expressed, “It has been an incredible journey for this year group. Witnessing them achieve such outstanding results fills me with immense pride. Their dedication and effort have truly paid off. Although we are a small school who are non selective, these results are on par with those of top schools globally that have a long history of teaching the IB curriculum. We are open to all, which makes these results even more special.

The class of 2024 commitment to excellence and resilience in the face of challenges have truly set them apart. As they move on to the next chapter of their lives, I have no doubt that they will continue to achieve great things and make a positive impact wherever they go. This is just the beginning for these talented individuals, and I am excited to see what the future holds for each and every one of them.

The students of Lomond School have not only excelled academically but have also demonstrated remarkable personal growth and community spirit. Their collective achievements are a testament to the supportive and nurturing environment provided by the dedicated staff and the strong bonds formed within the school community. We will miss them and wish them well for the future.

Once more, our gratitude goes out to the parents who have entrusted their children to our school and the IB programme. The IB programme is still very new to our community so we appreciate everyone who has joined us on this journey.

Choosing an independent school involves difficult decisions, with many families making financial sacrifices, especially during the current economic climate. To all members of the Lomond School community, we express our appreciation, and be assured that our staff will persist in working hard to achieve the best outcomes for your children in each stage of their Lomond School journey.”