Pupils Celebrate Academic Awards

Despite another year of SQA uncertainty, Lomond School maintained its exceptionally high number of awards for Academic Awards this year, with a significant number of S4 pupils and S5 SQA pupils receiving Silver and Gold academic colours respectively. 

Silver awards badges are for pupils attaining 6 or more A grades at National 5, with the much coveted Gold awards for 4 or more A grades at Higher.

Recipients of Silver colours, a third of the year group,  were:

  1. Tobias Barrie
  2. Sophie Bell
  3. Toby Dennison
  4. Rory Dunlop
  5. Kaitlin Ellis
  6. Emily Irving
  7. Rory McLean
  8. Ewan McCartney
  9. Grace Mortlock
  10. Ishbel Nicolson
  11. William Scott
  12. Ianthe Slavin
  13. Edward Wang

The following pupils, a third of the SQA Higher cohort, received Gold awards:

  1. Ruby Cathro
  2. Luca Gibson
  3. Daniel Logan
  4. Lucy MacRae
  5. Lauren McAuley
  6. Pete Murdoch
  7. Nicholas Tzemos
  8. Jerry Zvegintzov

 Principal, Mrs Urquhart, expressed her delight at the continued academic success of the school:

Despite another challenging year in which our pupils sit externally assessed examinations for the first time since 2019, we are thrilled with our SQA results. Obviously these statistics are ‘pre-appeal’ and I am sure they will increase further as we hear back from the SQA. Lomond is a non-selective school and we are proud to share that although pass rates remained over 90% for all levels, it is the quality of the passes and high percentages of A grades that are particularly strong. Lomond’s number of A grades at Higher and N5 are 23% and 21% above the National Average, respectively.

This reflects the hard work, by both pupils and staff, to ensure the very best quality grades possible and not just to settle for a pass; rather to strive to achieve the very best possible.

 To me, this really illustrates the added value of Lomond School and is why generations of families return to us year after year. In an increasingly competitive post-school world, it is the high quality of passes which give our pupils the cutting edge, and ensures they receive the very best offers from the very best institutions – with all of last year’s sixth form moving on to their choice of destination.

 Yet although we are justifiably proud of our pupils’ academic attainment, this is only part of the story at Lomond School. Our young people have a love of learning, a spirit of adventure, and are able to take risks and show resilience. The many leadership opportunities on offer help them to be resourceful and mature. These qualities, to me, define success just as much as examination grades.


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