J1 and J2 are Superstars

Our Junior 1 and Junior 2 pupils performed their Nativity ‘Superstar’ whilst dancing and singing us merrily into the festive season. 

This year, we joined the stars of the Celestial Choir as they guided the traditional nativity characters to Bethlehem.

The school Celestial Choir all want the chance to shine in this year’s nativity, but who will dazzle music teacher Mr Marrz enough to be given the title role of Superstar? It quickly becomes clear that it’s not all about being the musical’s main focus, but about playing the role of the amazing star that showed the way to the stable where Jesus was born.

The children were all superstars and led us through the traditional Christmas story with wise men, shepherds, angels, stars and, of course, baby Jesus!  The score, written by Mary Green and Julie Stanley centres round 8 incredibly catchy songs. Our favourite was Wise Men from Lands Afar which encouraged lots of toe tapping from the audience and show stopping singing and dancing from the children. 


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