Matilda! Senior School Show Success

Based on Roald Dahl’s classic story about an extraordinary little girl who manages to change her destiny through the love of books, our cast put on five captivating performances over four days. We join Matilda (Olivia K-Y / Skye E) as she attempts to escape the monotony of her family’s life. Mr Wormood (Frazer O) is determined to con his way to the deal of a lifetime, whilst Mrs Wormood (Ida H/Clemmie P) is pre-occupied by her magazines and dance lessons with the artistic Rudolho (Joshua McC), and son Michael (Raffey W) is, well, busy watching tv.

Matilda’s life changes forever when she starts primary school and she immediately impresses her school teacher Miss Honey (Ruby C/Lydia W). Miss Honey challenges Matilda to expand her horizons further, exposing her to more and more books. However, the mean Headmistress, Miss Trunchbull (Romy T/ Penny MacS) seeks to destroy any creativity, imagination and anything else that would challenge her authority. “Children are maggots” and Miss Trunchbull is not about to let herself be undermined by one! All is well that ends well though, and through bravery, courage and a little bit of naughtiness, Matilda outwits Miss Trunchbull and changes the destiny of her classmates, Miss Honey and the school. 

This was a musical production full of energy; from the amazing song and dance routines to the scene-changers, one knew not where to look! Olivia and Skye were captivating in their starring role, wowing the crowds with their singing and determination to challenge that awful headmistress. The Wormwoods were a delight, reducing the audience to giggles throughout, and both Romy and Penny’s portrayals of Miss Trunchbull will not be forgotten any time soon, especially by a certain Mr Dunlop who was relentlessly picked out in the audience. A huge shout out to all of the other cast members who delighted the sold-out audiences with dazzling song and dance routines and made this a truly pulsating show. 

Massive congratulations to the cast and crew: to Mr Fleming and Mrs McCann for their musical and artistic direction, the lighting and sound crew and, of course, to all of the pupils who gave it their all to enthral audiences over five shows. Another amazing musical production, what will they come up with next?

Mr Forrest, Teacher of History 



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