Pupils Volunteer in Triglav National Park, Slovenia

This summer a group of senior pupils were due to spend three weeks in Tanzania this summer with a strong focus on our guiding principles. 

Half of that time was to be spent in Larchfield children’s home which acts as a sanctuary to young orphaned children who would otherwise become street children. The rest of the trip was focused on climbing Mount Kenya and on safari. Larchfield was founded by a  former pupil and is one of our core charities at Lomond School. The pupils had been working hard to fundraise for Larchfield and prepare for the trip when the pandemic struck. We hoped that the trip would still be able to go ahead but with continued uncertainty around the coronavirus and travel to Africa we had, with a heavy heart,  to take the decision to cancel the trip and run one a little closer to home. However it was important that whatever replaced it also had the same values and guiding principles of our school.

Therefore 12 young people travelled to Slovenia in the middle of June with a strong focus on leadership, adventure, internationalism, environmentalism and service. The pupils had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia and not only explore a new country and culture but also to do some volunteer work with the Triglav National Park where they were given a number of tasks to help Vogar mountain hut above Lake Bohinj. This involved clearing and maintaining the pathways surrounding the hut, including chopping and sawing trees, clearing rocks and raking and preserving the drain which always becomes blocked in winter and spring thus ensuring the park is accessible for all whilst protecting the fragile environment. They were also able to interact with locals from the area for whom the park is an important resource. 

Principal Johanna Urquhart said:

“Academic success is of course of great importance but trips and opportunities such as this one provide experiences that develop other skills and attributes which are equally, if not more, important. Times are changing and to be successful in the future, the young people of today will need more than ever to be able to be open to other cultures and ways of life, to understand the importance of community and giving back and to challenge their own perceived limitations. We’re very proud of how our pupils always work to reflect these principles in their school and personal lives”.



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