The school is alive with the sound of music!

A number of Lomond School pupils are celebrating passing their latest exams in music. 

Congratulations to Zara E (S2) on passing her Grade 5 Theory with Merit and to Tom F (S2) on achieving Distinction in his grade 7 drum-kit exam. 

There were also a number of excellent results in the recent ABRSM exams:

Robyn Fleming (T2), Violin grade 3, passed with Merit

Marianne Ridland (S1), Violin grade 4, passed with Merit

Calum Vickers (S1)   Alto sax grade 2, passed with Merit

Ethan Fullarton (J4), Piano grade 1          

Honor Graham (T2), Piano grade 3          

Clementine Perratt (S1), Flute grade 2          

Pippa Swigciski (S1), Flute grade 4         

Grace Mortlock (S2), Flute grade 2          

Toby Dennison (S2), Alto Sax grade 3         

Andrew Williams (S3), Piano grade 3         

Eve Biagioni (S4), Piano grade 4         

Lucy McLean (S4), Violin grade 6         



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