World Children’s Day 2018

J5 have been working very hard recently, learning about air pollution in relation to the rights of the child through Unicef’s OutRight campaign.

One third of children in Britain are living in areas that have unsafe levels of air pollution and J5 wanted to find out why. They have been learning about what causes air pollution and what can be done to reduce it. They even tested the amount of Carbon Dioxide around the school with a piece of specialised kit called a diffusion tube, which has now gone to the lab.

As part of World Children’s Day, J5 took over the Junior School classes to teach them about the child’s right to a safe and healthy environment as well as the right to express their views. J1 – T2 have enjoyed learning about air pollution and the need to make a change to protect the health of young people, taking part in fun activities run by the J5 leaders.

Under the supervision of the J5 Clarendon Leaders, each child in the Junior School has now written a letter to Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform in the hope that changes can be made.


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