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This is a space where we will regularly provide pieces from our teaching staff covering trends and issues linked to education or of importance to our young people and their future. We hope you enjoy reading them. 

Keep on keeping on

As we all welcomed the news last week of a little more freedom in our day to day lives, Pastoral Depute Alister Minnis reflected on the importance of being patient and continuing to follow the guidelines.

Developing curious learners

We need to stop focusing on the end-point of education and re-focus on the actual learning that is happening. The journey must become as important as the destination. Principal Johanna Urquhart reflects on how we can change the way we teach. 

Where did the wonderment go?

We have a duty to nurture curiosity in the young; our Principal, Johanna Urquhart, asks where the wonderment went. 

Online Safety

With schools closed and parents working from home, there is no doubt that children are more likely to be using the internet unsupervised and could be vulnerable to cyberbullying and scams. Pastoral Depute, Alister Minnis, has some advice. 

Squashing Squabbles

Squabbles are a fact of life in most families but perhaps all the time spent to together at home at the moment is making things worse? Our Head of Junior School, Ailsa Lawn, has some hints and tips that may help

Look to the end of the tunnel

Our Head of Junior School, Ailsa Lawn, reflects on the lead up to the school closures and on the positive outcomes we may hope to see from this unprecedented situation

Learning at home - making it work with younger pupils

Our Head of Junior School, Ailsa Lawn, shares some advice to help navigate home learning with younger pupils 

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