Keep on keeping on

As we all welcome the news of a little more freedom in our day to day lives, Mr Minnis reflected last week on the importance of being patient and continuing to follow the guidelines in a video message to the school community. You can read what he had to say below. 

Hello everyone. It’s lovely to be speaking to you from sunny Rhu this afternoon and when the weather is as good as it has been it can be uplifting and help us to momentarily forget that the UK remains in a lockdown situation. The rules and guidelines about how we live in lockdown are in the news all the time and especially in focus over the last few days so I want to just briefly chat to you about how we have adapted to the rules that we currently have to follow. It really has been remarkable to see how the nation as a whole has responded to the need to stay at home and I know that all of you have played your part in this essential aspect of overcoming the Covid 19 challenge.

That’s not to say is has been easy. I know personally I have found it difficult at times and I am sure you all have too. I have found myself getting frustrated and cross and really wanting to go somewhere, anywhere really. To just get in the car and get out of Helensburgh or to go to visit friends or a favourite place. It has really required a discipline from all of us. Now I know that one or two of you have maybe paid a visit to my office on occasion to discuss following rules but I am really impressed from the conversations I’ve be having with you about how seriously you have been taking things.

It’s equally difficult for us all when the newspapers and TV are reporting on breaches of the rules by many people and unfortunately that includes some high profile figures in the UK. We sometimes ask ourselves ‘why can they seem to get away with this and I’m stuck at home’. In response to that I think we can only say it’s really important that we do what we know to be right and to follow the rules and guidelines that are laid out for us.

So yesterday the Scottish government announced we are moving to Phase 1 of our route out of lockdown. This is a really welcome development. We’re going to be allowed to meet people from one other household as long as this is within social distancing rules and the group is no more than 8. It’s really tempting to see this as an opportunity to start meeting with our friends and to maybe return to some of the activities we enjoy so much. Unfortunately we are still some way off this so please don’t follow that very natural instinct. It’s very clear that social distancing works and is a key part of us overcoming this challenge to us as families, as a school and as a society.

So my key message to you all today is to stick with it.  The rules in some form are going to be with us for quite a long time. We have all adapted differently but as a school and indeed wider community in Helensburgh and Lomond it’s been really heartening to see the developing sense of solidarity and a shared determination to support each other through kindness and picking each other up when we stumble or falter. These are powerful forces which have the potential to make all of our lives and our communities’ better places when we come into the light of the post pandemic world.  As the rules evolve and develop we will too and will face those challenges together. I’m reminded of the old Curtis Mayfield song ‘Keep on keeping on’ and I’ll leave you with a lyric from that:

There’s still a lot of faith, warmth, and trust

When we keep on keeping on


Alister Minnis, Pastoral Depute

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