Learning is for Life

In Lomond School sixth form, there is a perfect balance of the security of the school framework and the freedom, trust and independence of a life beyond the classroom.

A key feature of this, of course, is preparation for the next big step – whatever that may be. The vast majority of our sixth form move on to British universities; however, every year some pupils choose to progress to other destinations such as college, employment, the ‘Year in Industry Scheme’ or even an exciting and fulfilling ‘gap year’. It is our role to prepare each and every pupil for their future destination, and offer them as much support as possible in being successful in their first choice.

During S5, there is weekly, timetabled careers support with a programme of guest speakers and time set aside for pupils to research and explore their own pathways. A series of lectures and visits from guest speakers are woven throughout S5 and S6 enabling our pupils to see beyond the confines of the curriculum; hearing first-hand from graduates and a wide range of professionals assists our pupils in making the choices that are right for them. Of course, the beauty of Lomond’s ‘portfolio’ approach to qualifications means that should a pupil change their mind about their pathway beyond school, they have the luxury of being able to choose additional Highers in S6 to make this possible.

Academic success is our top priority at Lomond; however, our sixth form programme is founded on the belief that learning is for life – not just for exams. In S6, careers advice is bespoke and tailored to the individual and every pupil chooses a mentor to support them with their initial research, UCAS applications, CV and interview skills.

We provide a core set of experiences designed to equip our young people for the challenges beyond school such as: academic research and university style writing skills; financial planning and the economy and practical cookery and nutrition. Our Life After Lomond programme concludes the year with a flourish; incorporating everything from self-defence and first aid, to flying the nest and managing your money; from changing a tyre to cooking the perfect curry. Throughout these last two school years, a climate of independent learning is fostered through electives, personal study time and independent certification through distance learning. As we always say, Learning is for life – not just for exams.

Our record of academic excellence doesn’t mean there is no time for developing other skills – far from it, in fact. Sixth form are encouraged to adopt key leadership roles whether that be on the sports field, in the boarding house, on committees, in the community or across the school. A wealth of opportunities exist from House and Sports Captaincies, to editing the school magazine; chairing the Pupil Learning Council; leading community projects and academic and peer mentoring.

All sixth formers have particular duties which offer a meaningful opportunity to experience responsibility and leadership, supervising lunchtimes and running events, fundraising for the school’s charities committee and representing the school at local and national level. They mentor and inspire our younger pupils, supporting them academically and socially, and leaving an important legacy of determination, hard-work, high aspirations and achievement behind them when they leave.

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