The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a rigorous and challenging experience which offers our young people both breadth and depth of study. 

The Diploma Programme is suited to young people who aspire to University. It was designed to develop and challenge young people intellectually, physically, emotionally, and ethically as they acquire an understanding of six subject groups and complete ‘core’ experiences. The pupils who opt for the IB Diploma Programme will enjoy a real breadth of subject areas whilst increasing their understanding of cultures and other ways of thinking.

Over two years, pupils study six subjects – three at standard level and three at a more advanced, higher level. The subjects are chosen from six required groups, ensuring that pupils emerge after two years with a well-rounded education.

“The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is recognised for its academic integrity, range, and the high level of study skills each pupil must develop to succeed. It has rightly become known as a pre-university program and provides the most excellent preparation for higher education, giving pupils a distinct advantage, whichever university course they choose to embark upon”. 
Claire ChisholmPrincipal

In addition to disciplinary and interdisciplinary study, the Diploma Programme features three core elements that broaden pupils’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. These core elements are compulsory and are: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), an extended 4000 work undergraduate-level essay and Creativiy, Adventure and Service (CAS). 



Zara wishes to embark on a career in international relations and politics, with a focus on diplomacy and conflict resolution. 

“I chose the IBDP because I believe it will help me to develop the international mindset and co-operative values that will be vital in my chosen career. 



Ethan is determined to pursue a career in medicine. 

“I have chosen the IBDP as it appealed to me due to its popularity worldwide. I think that studying the IB will improve my research and communication skills while helping me be more aware of the wider world”.


IB Career-related Programme

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