Transitus – Junior to Senior

Years 6 and 7 in Junior School provide focused preparation for the experience of Senior School and are known as Transitus 1 and 2.

At every stage at Lomond School our teaching goes far beyond the National Curriculum, stretching children’s imaginations and encouraging them to think independently and creatively. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our Transitus years.

Our pupils make remarkable progress during their time in Transitus 1 and 2, with an extended primary curriculum which includes development of core skills such as responsibility, leadership and determination. Transitus classrooms are located in the Senior School building and have a dedicated Primary Teacher who provides ongoing pastoral support, as well as core numeracy and literacy teaching and the co-ordination of project work.

Pupils are challenged and stretched, working closely with subject specialists for Art & Design, Music, French, Science, Technology, Drama, Health & Food Technology and Social Studies (combined Geography and History). By the time our Transitus pupils are ready to move onto Senior School, they are known by many of the teaching staff; have existing knowledge of the subjects studied in Senior 1; are familiar with Senior pupils; and confident in their surroundings. Pupils who complete our Transitus years move onto Senior 1 with ease, excited about their journey ahead.

Transitus 1 & 2 Timetable Examples

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