Senior School Curriculum

At Lomond School we look to the future, and our curriculum is no exception. 

Times are changing and we want to ensure that every young person in our care has a curriculum pathway that prepares them for life, challenges them to be the best they can be and inspires them to go out into the world and make a difference. 

Senior School pupils benefit from a wide range of subject choices and high levels of support and guidance from teachers and staff.

S1 and S2 (Years 8 & 9)

Our S1 and S2 curriculum is designed to articulate seamlessly with the Transitus years of P6 and P7 and produces happy, inquisitive and confident pupils who thrive at school and beyond. Carefully planned and balanced, our curriculum enables our pupils to build strong foundations in values, knowledge and skills; it helps them develop a love of learning which will stay with them forever and it allows our staff to know and nurture every child individually. With sixteen different subjects in S1, and eighteen in S2, our pupils develop a range of interests across the creative arts, technology and the sciences, the languages, and social subjects. Experiences beyond the classroom, including adventure and service, along with a healthy input of Physical and Personal Education allow us to develop not just the mind, but also the body and soul. Our inquiry lessons promote independent learning, research skills and open mindedness and ensure that, as they move into their teenage years, their wonderful childlike curiosity about the world and their place in it never fades. 

S3 and S4 (Years 10 & 11)

S3 and S4 brings the excitement of working towards qualifications and, at Lomond, our pupils have the opportunity to study eight National 5 subjects – two more than the national average of 6. Examinations take place at the end of S4 (year 11), and final awards are based on a combination of internal and external assessment.

This two-year program is when our pupils begin to specialise, personalise and pursue their individual interests and talents. Having eight subjects means that there is still the option to pursue passions whilst still leaving all doors open for the future. Our National 5 qualifications are taken over two years, rather than the one-year approach adopted by most of Scotland, and this means that there is scope for real depth of learning, and to take the ‘scenic’ route of more performances, more practical work, more field trips and adventures, more ‘what ifs?’, more experiments and more fun!  As a result, our pupils’ results are exceptional, and they are confident, assured and ready to make the transition to their final two years at Lomond with all the challenge and opportunity that this brings.

S5 and S6 (Years 12 & 13)

As of August 2024 our S5 and S6 pupils have the option of four paths pathways: they may choose either

  • The IB Diploma Programmee
  • IB Career-related Programme with specialisation through an HNC in Business.
  • IB Career-related Programme with specialisation through an HNC in Engineering
  • IB Career-related Programme with specialisation through an NC in Activity Tourism. 

But Learning at Lomond is not only for the passing of examinations. Who they become, is just as important as what it says on their exam certificates and the S5 and S6 years offer a range of opportunities and experiences to ensure our pupils have the maturity and capability to move on to their next step.  We produce confident, caring and ambitious young people whom we are proud of, and keep in contact with, long after they leave us.

International Baccalaureate

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