Sport and fitness are integral to life at Lomond School and pupils from Pre-School right up to Senior 6 enjoy Physical Education as part of the curriculum.

At Lomond there is an activity for everyone to enjoy ranging from the traditional team sports of Rugby and Hockey to the more individual pursuits of Archery and Sailing.

As a department we stress the benefits for health and wellbeing through the “sport for all” philosophy and many pupils take pride in representing Lomond in weekly team fixtures whilst benefiting from the mentoring and support of our dedicated team of PE teachers and sports coaches. As well as promoting physical fitness, playing sport is also proven to create and enforce friendship bonds and resilience among other lifelong learning skills.

In addition to their timetabled PE lessons, pupils in S3 to S6 have the opportunity to study towards a Sports Leader Award at levels SCQF Level 4 and Level 5.


Sports Leader Award Level 4

The Sports Leader award level 4 is a leadership course undertaken through sport that consists of three units of work including at least one hour of demonstration of Leadership.

It gives the pupils practical experience of planning, organising and delivering physical activity and throughout the course, pupils are encouraged to become more community minded and ambitious. The course also delivers professional skills and experience that employers and universities value.

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Unit 1 – Establishing Leadership Skills

As well as learning about teaching and learning styles and the building blocks of learning the unit also includes fair play in sport (covering aspects such as cheating, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, ethics and morals) and the role of a sports official (roles and responsibilities of officials and governing bodies within sport and in leadership).

Unit 2 – Plan, assist in leading and review sport/physical activity sessions

This unit is very practical in its nature and involves pupils developing their practical leadership skills through planning organizing and teaching physical activities to younger pupils in Lomond School.

Unit 3 – Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle

This unit builds on the pupils practical leading skills where they will learn about health and how to promote and create a healthy lifestyle to young people.

Sports Leader Award Level 5

The Level 5 Award builds on the skills and knowledge gained at Level 4 and consists of five units including a minimum of ten hours of demonstration of Leadership.

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Unit 1- Developing leadership skills

The pupils will develop their skills on how to deliver information to others, the styles of learning and management of people.

Unit 2- Plan, lead and evaluate sport/physical activity sessions

The pupils will learn how to plan, deliver and evaluate physical activity sessions as well as how to critically evaluate their own progress.

Unit 3 – Assist in planning and leading a sports/physical activity event

The pupils will have complete control of all aspects of organising a sports events including finance, risk assessments, marketing, bookings, equipment and delivery.

Unit 4 – Lead activities which promote a healthy lifestyle

The pupils will learn about health and how to promote and create a healthy lifestyle to young people.

Unit 5- Lead sport/physical activity sessions linked with the centre

Drawing on their learning in Units one and two, pupils will develop their practical leadership skills through developing and then teaching a series of at least 10 lessons to younger pupils in Lomond School.

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